Thank you editor for giving me space to share my view on the above issue. The pressure that most contributors to the issue on parliamentarians entitlements shared in this forum has led parliament to assign the 'parliament house committee' to carry out an inquiry into the PEC's decision to award parliamentarians the controversial spouse entitlement of $50,000 and other entitlements. I would like to applaud everyone for your contribution and encourage you to continue the fight against corruption amongst our leaders.

The next step is to make sure that the parliament house committee is well informed of the public's strong opposition to PEC's decisions on these entitlements.

I also wish to call on Solomon Islanders who are in Honiara and other parts of the country where the inquiry will be conducted to attend and voice your views about the issue. In a democracy like ours, it is crucial that corrupt practices like this one by our leaders does not go unchallenge.

For Solomon Times Online and all its contributors, all I wish to say is 'keep the pressure up'

God Bless our Solomon Islands