I do not believe in ushering in new MPs as a positive strategy in solving the leader dependency syndrome as alluded to earlier on by Mr. Giano.
The fact remains that voting in of new MPs will not address the matter of leader dependency. Even a clean leader on the outset will certainly become one of them (corrupt/crafty) once he/she is in parliament. For instance, some of these leaders have been very vocal on some issues but when it comes to their own benefits and privileges, not a single word is being uttered against at the expense of ordinary citizens. Of course we have to think outside of our normal basket/comfort zone to advance our own economic progress but we still need our leaders. A leader and his/her followers should always walk hand in hand on all issues of positive development (exclude bread & rice but real development). It is their mandate to lead and serve the people. Probably we also need to change our country's motto too. Unfortunately, scrapping the RCDF will certainly do so to some extent in my view. Furthermore, the position of being an MP should be made unattractive as much as possible but with their duties/functions made mandatory and liable to prosecution if and when an MP fails to show leadership and service to its people.
Who knows the devil inside those new leaders we may wish to vote for.