Dear editor thank you for a space in this column again.
The idea of a detail research into students failure has triggers numerous attentions in this column. Thank you Mane for commenting on this idea. However, concluding your article in this column by stating that Geographers don't know anything about this issue is very general, inappropriate and shortsighted. Geography is a holistic discipline, meaning that it integrates other disciplines such as sociology, economics, biology and you name it. Geography itself is divided into Human and physical geography and now a newly develop arm of geography called GIS (geographic information system) and any university student like you should know. For your information a primary objective of any subject in this discipline is to train students to be good researchers and to develop professional research techniques. And we do research in different areas to enhance our ability to collect primary information, critically analyze the situation and come up with solutions. By the way you conclude your article seems that u undermine the ability of Geographers in research without understanding that geography is based entirely on nurturing students' competency to be professional researchers.

hem noma