Thank you editor for giving me space to contribute on the above issue.
I have noted so much "absurd actions", i want to call, taken by the current members of the parliaments and former members or PEC on Parliamentary entitlements aired over the past days and weeks. And it makes me sick to see that the Finance Minister telling the nations and taking actions withholding grands as measures to control finance while on the other hand increasing entitlements for parliamentarians and amendment of pensions for Prime Minister. It is a shame in the eyes of the general public to push for such amendments knowing so well for your own benefit, Mr Finance Minister. It that what the government called Service to the people? I don't think so. The Teachers and SIPEU members have cried so many times and are still crying for pay increase, but seem unheard, falling on the Governement's deaf ears. Their ears were and are only open to their own wants.
And can the PEC explained to the people of Solomon islands why Ministers spouses are to recieve $50,000.00 at the end of the parliamentary term, cos if is the reason given so far, i bet you a lot of spouses of committed public servants tolerated the long hours their husbands or wives spent sacrificing for the people of Solomon Islands and claim nothing from the Government.If spouses of parlimentarians will receive $50,000.00 then may be all public servants spouse should to.
Lastly, Please Solomon Islands wake up and make a call on the Government to reconsider its actions.

How selen ino inap yet?

Thank you olketa wantok