Dear editor, please allow me to comment on few things regarding a previous letter with the above subject. There are few questions regarding PEC. Who are the members of PEC, who gave them the authority, and decisions came to effect by whom? I can bluntly say that the PEC is acting under the influence of the cabinet. 11E (1) came into effect when ministers rule in favor and can only reverses by the parliament or public pressure. Someone like Celsus Talifilu statement in this online paper is the avoidance of exposing corruption if he is not a friend of Snider Rini. Look at Rini's profile, he is the elected prime minister that results in the biggest riot and later burn and looting in the country. Where is Rini's side in the parliament and position in the PEC? PEC is a scapegoat of the government, where focus is being redirect to a place Talifilu likes to be. What the government do is extremely very obvious. As a democratic nation, I stand to express my view on the government. The government is abusing the power given to them, by rule in favor of whatever they will be getting something out of and silent when their scapegoats came into light. There are many issues the government is ignorant of. The media in this case plays a part in exposing and debating issues affecting the nation. In the states, to become a president, the media plays a huge role. I also agree that there must be a way where issues of the government must also make known to the wider population, since majority are in the rural areas uninform. Previously an MP was hit infront of the parliament and a bridge was cut. When I read these incidents, it is the result of how MPs gave many liars to the people and make their image good in the media and internationally. Just a thought, this current government is doing tactics where "The MPs getting richer, and the citizens getting poorer" or victims. If anyone doubts it, then look at the MPs now, what a huge change to their possessions where how smart they are answerable, they are classified under the simplest meaning of corruption.