I wish to congratulate some many Solomon Islands students have graduated from USP Laucala Campus today (4/11/08). The smiles represent the joys and satisfaction of completing another step of education. The tears symbolize the success of a journey that comes across rough and hard times as well as peaceful. Through this happiness come other goals and objectives for the life to come. Moreover it has shown a great achievement made some different parties working together to a certain goal.

Congratulations to you graduates of 2008, your great work and achievements is a bonus to the Government and the people Solomon Islands. It has shown that the commitment of the Government of the Solomon Islands, taxpayers and other sponsors is fruitful in maintaining the welfare of the students to this far.

Now the questions are laid. What will you give back to the people of our beloved country? In what ways will you contribute to the rebuilding of our nation? What worthwhile changes would you take home? And most of all how would you prove to the people of Solomon Islands that Government is right investing so much in education and human resources? This is a challenge to all the cream of the nation.

Sanoe Varuka,

Isireli N P
Laucala, USP,