Well done to all the writers who have mentioned that there is a need of researcher to investigate the matter about students (USP) failing there Units and were terminated. Well, from my opinion and understanding to send any researcher at USP is not needed at all. The creams of our nation been sent, can still do that for you if you requested it to be done. Failing of the courses, maybe due to only few factors; less effort from students to prioritize his/her time, new learning environment and some maybe find it quite difficult to adjust with that environment, their program is quite tough, and wantok system from lecturers, tutors, and lab assistants. "Kaen way yea hem lo hea to yea". Me thing bae lo Uni this system should be nomoa na ba, but still hem lo blood blo pipol lo world yea na"!

As of these, there should be no need, of sending others to come and do research about this matter.

Well, the better place to send these researchers are to NTU and the government. I urged you to conduct your research based on these perspectives;

-How many student were under the cut-off GPA 3 and were sent to Uni because of wantok system?
-Number of students sent because of their sacrifices and they reach that cut off GPA and above.

-What is the main cause of their corruption?
-What and where the money sent by donors were used excluding, the tax payers (Public service) and tertiary students budget?
-What are the rights of these people to lead our country with a bad image of our happy isles?
-As Big Boss of the country, do they respect the motto of our country,"TO LEAD IS TO SERVE or TO LEAD IS TO STEAL"??

These topics are important to research on before, the researchers should be sent to any of USP, SUVA or other institutions.

Human beings can learn from their mistakes and can make a change,ok!

God Bless S.Islands