First and foremost, what are RCDF meant for and whom do they belong to. Why do we have elected MP, to represent whom?
Voter expectations are based on campaign rhetoric sounded out by winning candidates during campaigns.
Where do these RCDF monies and revenues come from and from whose resources? Whose interests are supposed to be top priority, the general populace or the few privileged? How many times do we have to hear the famous saying of the late American President JFK? Are our helpless but capable local populace can help themselves without any sorts of government assistance?
Probably we can help ourselves if and when there are proper infrastructures such as wharves, roads, reliable transportation services, etc, plus micro-financing schemes, made available by our government in both provincial and national levels. Unless these are provided there will be no meaningful development on our shores. How can we expect our poorly financed rural population to help themselves when there is no meaningful flow of income generating activity established by our government, for people to engage within the rural areas?
Expectations usually arise from false promises made by our winning candidates. If you wish to stop leader dependency and unrealistic expectations, abolish the RCDF for good.
Instead, pump all the RCDF money into meaningful infrastructure establishments, micro-finance credits, reliable transport services, and viable public services manned by capable and professional personnel.
By abolishing the RCDF, distribution of funds will be equally shared based on population proportions and not in numbers of MPs. At this point of time, both small and big constituencies receive the same amount of RCDF allocations.
It is high time to do away with the RCDF since voting in of new MPs will not solve the issue of leader dependency but instead will probably heighten the current level of corruption existing within the house.
Even leaders whom we think are clean upon entering the house has become diluted themselves with the acid of corruption. Time to weed out RCDF.