I am wondering where's the Winds of Change in the Solomons is now residing. Prior to the 2006 General Elections, there was a group of young enthusiastic Solomon Islanders being funded and mobilized by some international anti-corruption organisations to carry out a nation-wide awareness for the need to vote honest leaders. The campaign has resulted in 60 percent of old-corrupt MPs being voted out. It also led partly to the downfall of Snyder Rini after 6 days as Prime Minister. I feel the country is now in desperate need of a group like the Winds of Change to raise nation-wide awareness of both global (financial crisis/Climate Change) and local (MP/Spouse entitlements) issues among 90 percent of our information deprived people. Perhaps, donors through the same international anti-corruption body such as the "Initiative for Change" should restart their engines to mobilize young Solomon Islanders raise awareness about problems affecting our country, especially during these times of hardship, poor leadership and the upcoming election. It is unfair and waste of time that important issues affecting everyone is being debate in the media (newspapers and online which only reaches the minority of Solomon Islanders in Honiara while the rest remained uninformed. I believe face-to-face dissemination of information is more effective in rural areas, villages and islands.

Christian Kalo