The subject of leadership in Solomon Islands is a complex one. George has highlighted the recommendations by researchers on how Solomon Islanders should lead their people but have failed as many have aired in this column. I am just wondering what went wrong or the causes or even if everyone in Solomon Islands share the same view that our leaders are failures. We turn to point our fingers to our leaders but is it really our leaders that are failures or are skape goats of strong supporters, interest groups powerful people who determine what they must do that make them failures. I seem to believe to some extent that our leaders have not been given the opportunity to think for themselves. What we see in my view is the result of the cause. So it is the cause that I think
we should try and address. One of this is what I call leader dependent syndrome. Many interest groups expect to much from our leaders for handouts like RCDF for example. In other words our leaders become bread weaners. When our leaders continue to respond to that expectation of the strong holds they expect more. Another group that determine their fate are the powerful which could be strong affiliations like to even the least important of all but has a strong influence. To highlight my analogy of leader dependent syndrome here are some scenarios which are not new but very powerful. Relatives, tribes,friends, actual voters expectations for their vote that was casted on him or her make our leaders failures because they spend their time to make them happy and forget that they represent Solomon Islanders. Those who complain like myself branding our leaders failures are not important to them although many have the capacity for rational thinking. What counts is the number of votes that will make them come back for another term. The second group are those that hold the power to facilitate funds like RCDF or other benefits. They also make them fail. In fact they become slaves for them. So the leadership senario in Solomon Islands is one which is not simple and not soley determined by the leader alone but these other strings that they tie themselves with. In otherwards playing by the rules of the system which is democracy. When majority have the power whether it is good or not good the system of majority rule is atisfied. So to come back to the question if our leaders are the failures I do not think so. It is us who expect something in return for our own not the nations( canoe, engine, generator, rice,sugar, biscuit, accommodation, projects) you name it. It is the expectation of favour big or small that is the cause. So really it us the majority that must change our perception of what these leaders are for. So I make the same call made by George for us voters to identify potential candidates for the people of Solomon Islands and also understand our leaders roles and our own to make a better Solomon Islands for tomorrow.