The termination of USP (Luacala Campus) students who performed poorly has triggered much media hype in past weeks. Many contributors to this issue have called for research and investigation to determine the causes of failures. Perhaps, it would be good to include in the research/investigation Terms of Reference (TOR) to also find out students academic merits at Forms 6/7 in the country (or at NTU) before being sent to USP. I raise this because a few years back some very bright, intelligent and high achieving students were sadly and unfairly omitted from the SIG scholarship during selection. It was found out later that the omitted students came from financially unfortunate, unpopular and rural-based families. Those that were selected despite failing GPA's has strong backing and links to influential people in government, businesses and even in the Education Ministry itself. It would be interesting to see what causes students failures at independent overseas institutions far from any local influence (Wantok/Crony System).