Thank you editor, thank you Kalatea and Charlie for commenting on the above subject.

According to the NTU briefing at beginning of this year, 2 issues was stressed out clearly that tough actions will be taken against Laucala campus students, one is because of poor performances and the second was that student's go to night clubs and partying almost every weekend and thus spend little time studying which is the reason they fail their courses.

I would say that this is a rather poor criterion to build a policy on. Why I say this is because, for the past 2 years that I am studying here, there has never been a study or research done to determine what causes an increasing number of student's from Laucala campus to fail some of their courses in a semester and students bothering NTU for extensions over the same reasons every year. The issue of student's failing their courses is not a new thing, why shouldn't the government do a detail research to find out the numerous reasons why students fail? We have qualified researchers in the country that can work with USP to find out the root cause of this problem before implement policies that agrees with the outcome of the research.

It's true we students studying abroad are the so called cream of the nation, selected amongst thousand other students of the country which we're proud of it. But if these "cream of the nation" fail in large numbers then something is not right. Some people would say that students are just Lazy to study. But let me tell you that no one wants to fail. So you can ask the question, WHY FAIL? The only thing that can give an answer is to do a DETAILED RESEARCH or STUDY.

Well there are services offered by CELT of USP to assist students in assignment writings and there are mentors to assist students in different disciplines. But again, how reliable are these services to students? Are the mentors always there when you need help? Ask the students and they will give you the answers. Don't sit there, implement the policy and tell the student to make use of these resources without asking the student whether he/she benefit from it. Because I sign up four times for a mentor but he/she never turns up because this mentors themselves are studies.

Consider some of the facts about student's here in Laucala campus. Firstly, SIG sponsored student's makes up the second highest population here at Laucala campus, which is excellent. Second, SIG sponsored student's at Laucala are the once that always receive their allowances late and now crying for an increase in their allowance which is hardly heard by the government. And finally to say that student's did not prioritize their studies is based on flawed reasoning because not all students' go to night clubs or drink alcohol. Mark my word that half or more than half of the student's terminated never entered any night club here in Suva and likewise almost all the night-club lovers are the ones that will successfully complete their studies at the end of the year. Now the big questions that should be answered before any action can be taken on the student's or prior to implementing termination policies are, what causes the alarming rate of poor performance of SIG sponsored students at Laucala Campus? What can be done to solve this problem? What policies are relevant to execute that will benefit the welfare of Solomon Islands in the future? And so on and so forth...

As a senior undergraduate student, I am calling on the Government to please conduct a detail research. If the government can work with students in the area of research, we the third year Geography students are more than willing to help. We cannot take up any research without the government endorsing it. This is vitally important to understand the root cause of the problem as Kalatea clearly mentioned. We can start now or we will regret tomorrow...up to the government.