Dear Editor

It is important that I bring to the attention of students an issue about the termination of scholarship.

In a news item carried on SIBC on Friday 7 August, the Minister of Education had admitted in Parliament that both the termination of scholarship exercises conducted this year was only for students on USP Laucala Campus. According to the report attributed to him:

"Mr Wale said both termination exercises involved at the USP laucala campus.

He said this begs the question as to why students of all other institutions and campuses of USP have not been affected".

The question I would like to pose is why other SIG sponsored students in other USP Campus like Emalus, Alafua and from other Institions like FSP, FIT and those here in PNG were not included. This is unfair because only Laucala based USP students were affected. The Minister has implicitly admitted himself that the system is unfair but yet implimented it.

I urge the USP Solomon Islands Associations to take this matter further, and if need be, that class action be taken against the Solomon Islands government in a court of law because justice is seen not to be done.