Many individuals in Solomon Islands have researched, studied and made recommendations about the type of leadership Solomon Islands need in all sectors of society. One of the key elements in poor leadership is self service, conflict of interest and day light corruption. Allow me now to draw us back to the periods 2005 and 2006 and let us journey through the waves to the shores of our villages.

I was unemployed and thus spent the whole of 2005 at home. I heard the Parliamentary debates over SIBC and read articles in our newspapers. The gist of the discussions was the choosing of new leaders.

Wantoks, what happended in 2006 was good news and bad news. for some of us it was sad news and this is my summary of events from 2006 to 2009.

They promised they will serve us. We voted them. In Parliament they were looking for power and forgot those who voted them. In Parliament through PEC they charged us for our votes, a service they promised to perform in 2006.

Now their included their wifes. Certainly the wifes are not members of parliament. They are part of the MPs household and thus benefit from his purpose and his fringe benefits.

They forgot SINTA and SIPEU and offered themselves huge sums of money in the name of transparency, and good governance.

Come 2010 what are they going to promise us. I think I know already. " We will serve you. your hardtimes will be our hard times." Have we not had enough? But who can we trust?

Can we trust our current MPs?

I do not know. judge for yourself and vote your voice in 2010.