Dear Editor,

Please publish what I had in mind.

Corruption, corruption and more corruption. Is that what the Solomon islanders are good ART? Even though how many masters and doctoral degrees one has, still almost every new leader follows the same trend for past 30 years.

Personally, it seems the past generations of leaders had left a corruption training manual in the parliamentary chambers for the next leaders to use. And when a new government form, they need just to look through the old manual and follow the same instructions all over again. Or for our current CNUR government they have written a few more bunches of corruption practises to use. Perhaps we have trained leaders for corruptions, instead of training leaders to be empowered, have vision and give motivation to their people. However, none of these works.

We have seen the government self -served scheme on tax payer's money and the public funds - defeated MP $500,000 and $50,000 spouses grant. What more can the next leaders add on to this.

We have seen the creation of the Entitlement parliamentary commission which includes almost all parliamentary members to address issue which non concern for public improvement.

Instead they should have create opportunities or provide a way out or create more privileges for our locals to make business and have confident or develop new products and sell them overseas or create opportunity for strong and safe investments for more job opportunities, or develop a strong cash, credit, taxation and revenue collecting internal system -so we can have confident in our money system or come up with new ideas or short and long term achievements so our communities can involve to build our nation. And together we can raise our standard of living.

Yet they have developed a system to serve them first and others later or maybe not. I think it is times to change the manual or else new leaders will follow the same training.