Dear Editor.

Have you seen these two gentle men around? They have been so silent about issues affecting our nation especially the current "Parliamentary Entitlements, Mrs. MPs Wives 50,000 reward and just recently USP Fiji Students plea for their allowance package not to be reduced but maintained in SBD dollar just to name a few. Oh I guess they must be out for a fieldtrip to the other outer space planets. Otherwise if they are still with us on this planet EARTH where Solomon Islands is, please read this !!

During the Sogavare government, Mr Fono and Sikua you're much talked about "Transparency Transparency Accountability. Accountability and then Sovereignty". Wooh my goodness, now look at your government's actions, Is this type of Accountability and Transparency you've been preaching? No it's corruption at its best. Lest you forget the saddest thing of your government was the trust we have in you before you came into power but look at what is happening at the moment. Someone said your "government is for the people, of the people and by the people" Is it true? CNURA government it's time "You WALK THE TALK".

God bless Solomon Islands