It seems that even though the public are concerned about the huge money MPs are diverting to their own pocket, more regulations are passed in the parliament for more personal money to MPs. This time a new regulation 11E(1) is passed where Snyder Rini will be entitle to pension, even after serving for few days as prime minister.

Maybe there will be more regulations for more entitlement to MPs. Are the MPs out of their mind? Who will fund the government budget, students allowance is not enough in Fiji economic crisis, high tax affecting the public servants, and sacked PSs are to be compensated, but the government of the day continues to get even more money.

The government is now looking like being run by a bunch of people with a same objective to get money, where they just ready to say yes to any sources for money. Sweat for wealth. To tell the truth, many MPs are getting rich when they are member. Why you MPs are now looking for more money when the general election is near, are you just realize that you did nothing and then find money to win election? Make a change!