Thanks Ruks for your comments...and for sure our politicians are legitimised thiefs as you have explained...And if Linda had specified that she was refering to politicians in her letter then I am sure she would not have received so many negetive critiques. The problem with her tone then was that of a prejudicial and egocentric view of Solomon Islanders in general.

Hence, the problem with Linda's letter was that she asumed and generalised too much that she created a stereotypical notion about all Solomon Islanders.

To be fair, Solomon Islands is a nation of people with different caracters, beliefs, attitudes and ways of doing things, and it includes sensible people as well as thiefs, murderers, paedophiles and so forth, just like any other country in the world. And for Linda, just because someone has stolen something from her does not mean that most, if not all, Solomon Islanders are thiefs. So does that mean because JFK are Abbe Lincoln were assasinated in USA, is USA a nation of murderers? We are to use Linda's school of thought then the answer is a big clear YES....Or is it not?