Since Dr Sikua and Fono took over the government, we were looking forward to see improvement in our economy because that is what they promised the nation when coming into power. Just after, almost two years in power they are wrecking the good nation of Solomon Islands instead of improving it with all their money hungry and selfishness. During the regime of Sogovare, Transparency International and National Council of Woman has been very vocal about the ideas of the Sogovare's government.
Now look at what is happening with the Sikua government, why are you so silent? Mark my word if we don't address this issues now it will add up to a rise in criminal activities within the next few months or so. Why I make such statement is because the money to foot all the un-necessary entitilements will come from tax payers. How they will be able to do this is through increase in price of goods and also services in the country thus it will affect the grass roots. WHAT ARE SHAME FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF SIKUA AND FONO, TAKING FROM THE POOR TO FEED THEMSELVES (THE RICH).
TPI and NCW, come out and speak for the nation because it is your duty.

God bless Solomon Islands.
(Simple grass rootman)