I would support Mr Paul Kausimae on the matter he raised towards
ma'asina forum on malaita gaining independence. Upon reading the article, there are many Questions boiling in my head that even i myself could conclude that Malaita is not yet ready for independence.

For example, has the market been improved? On what Economical grounds has boost Ma'asina forum to cry for Independece? Don't cry for independece while you have no means of developements. Even Auki town itself is like a village. Your views to gain independence is your own and don't include the whole malaita because they know they are not yet subjected to it.

Lastly, i urge ma'asina forum please try and think, reason things out first before publishing your unsupported ideas. Independence is still 100 years away and think of ideas and what will benefit malaita as of now and towards the independece you are vying for.