Dear Editor,

I was left dumbfounded and overwhelmingly surprised as other contributors to this column, upon the pronouncement of the $50,000 terminal grant to MPs wives and the $550,000 defeated MPs entitlement. It is surprising why PEC sees it fit to approve entitlements that would benefit only a very few. What have these selfish elites done for this financially struggling country to deserve such fat salary packages? Was it because of their empty promises and failed development plans. Any ordinary Solomon Islander in his/her right state of mind would see this provocative, absurd unjustifiable and demands public criticism.

It has become very obvious the parliament is no longer a venure to discuss issues of national interest but where MPs cunningly table and pass self-motived, greedy and selfish bills to get rich overnight at the expense of hard-working tax payers. It's just unbelievable now MPs are diverting our meagre financial reserve (if there's any) to their own benefit knowing the end of their stint is just a blink ahead. Spouses complained MPs did not give them money to feed their family. Well, is that a national issue and the justification behind their plea for the terminal grant? Aren't the RCDF, millenium fund or whatever funds at your disposal enough? Please Solomon Islands comprises everybody out there in the provinces not just the few. Why the $550,000 defeated MPs entitlement? MPs should only be entitle for such reward if they achieve their development goals but still such an amount is so huge. Common sense has it that reward or credit should be given only to those with exceptional achievements but not to those who gruntle aloud in the media about plans that never eventuate.

There are schools, clinics and roads in dire state of repair or reconstruction that MPs should concern about than devising entitlements to fill their own pockets. Yet a slap on the face for our USP students in Fiji whose genuine and justified claim for an increase in their allowances in light of Fiji's devaluated dollar when the CNURA government announced their selfish $50,000 terminal grant and the $550,000 defeated MPs entitlement. Our leaders are now resorting to their own version of our national motto as someone had rightly stated; "to lead is to fill" while we can.

Its also sad to note our once vocal activists have remained silent about the controversial parliamentary entitlements. These are the issues you should prove your worth campaigning against. Your silence in the fight against these issues implies we are merely wasting our time and effort commenting and thus Solomon Islands is heading from bad to worse.

The love of money has blindfolded our once trustworthy leaders to discern justified and unjustified claims in their decision-making. MPs have denied the trust the nation puts on them only because of the decision of some crooks amongst them. There's no savour as none of the MPs have spoken out against those entitlements...Tru wan nomoa who moa bae less lo staka seleni ya. But atleast think of others whom you represent!!!!..Nomata nao!!!!
......God bless our isles...