Dear sir or madam,

My name is Ven John Paramai Dhanissaro from Peace Revolution Project. We are just starting a new online meditation-based self-development program beginning this month. The target group is youth whose age is between 21-30.


"The Peace Revolution Project was started in 2008 when someone pretty cool decided to start talking to the world about what he believed: Inner Peace can lead to World Peace, if people could just learn how to find inner peace for themselves regardless of religions, races and countries! He got together with some other people who believed the same thing ... and, well, here we are!

So ... we have invented what we think is a chill way to have some fun with inner peace ... aka meditation. We taped some meditation experts and you can check them out on MP3s; you can learn more about what inner peace really is; you can take a few fun quizzes; and then, if you want to really develop changes within yourself, you can do an on-line self-development program. You can even post questions on our Peace Wall for our online community. So hang back, and cruise the site. It's the best place to be.

Those who complete at least 30 days self-development program Stage 4 will also be qualified for the fellowship for a 2 week meditation retreat and the second peace conference in Thailand in February 2010. (The first one was organized earlier in February 2009.) We are aiming to have a representative from each country."

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It takes 7 days to change your life. And you will know that World Peace starts within you.

The Peace Revolution Crew