The Lowy Institute and the Pacific Forum 2009 should be informed by Solomon Islands PM Dr Sikua that many dinner plates in SI are covered with just potato or rice and no fish.

If fish was included on dinner plated there would be less demand on rice.

There are also many many people in SI who can not even afford rice or dwindling high total cost of fish to feed a family every day and every week.

Many SI people in more populated areas can not afford both fish and vegetable and resulting malnutrition is evident. It should be made clear there is a 69% increase in maternal mortality in SI and that malnutrition is linked to anaemia and maternal deaths.

Surely Pacific leaders can look toward people at the bottom of the economy instead of just at bigtime business.

There is need to stimulate the bottom of Pacific economies, not just the banks and other big lending business.

How many more Pacific Forum's will pass before collapse of traditional available fish resources and impact in the Pacific is addressed?