Dear Editor,

Ouch! its been steaming hot the exchanges from recent contributors on the above matter and sadly, its not constructive at all. Talk solutions and actions, tame the egos and put them aside.

On this issue, I can only imagine the magnitude of the stress students are shouldering along with their academic obligations. I must say that although issues raised such as late payment of allowancce and purchase of second hand books are decade old issues, your circumstance ( devaluation and allowance cut) is serious and genuinely demands attention and action by MEHRD/NTU management. The challenge is to chanel your demands through the right conduit to rectify the problem dutifully. Simply talking about it will not get it far and may not yield the results desired. Use the resources that are available at your disposal diligently with persistence. Katie and Duran have shed insight into possible ways forward. Be persistent to follow up once you have initiated a move already.

Alot of eye brow raising matters have found their way to the table of decision makers for their blessing. What a joke. There is no other time in history than now where the nation begs leaders to be vigilant to issues that affect Solomon Islanders to be given priority. If there is one thing that deserves to be given absolute priority, it would be this issue! For the time being, take care of yourselves!