Dear editor,

Heres what chills me.

Why is the number 50 and 500 a favorite in parliament? 50,000 and then 550,000.

Thanks Warwick and Alex for commenting. I agree that this is daytime robbery. What ever intention at the rear will still be painstaking robbing of the working class.

It seems to me that the leaders see parliament as an opportunity to FILL their greedy appetite and not to SERVE the populace that builds up the nation of Solomon.

Solomon Islands..petite as it is but a giant in terms of corruption according to UN political evaluation of small Island countries. We hit the chitchat men.hoooooray!!!!!
Isn't that disgusting? Well it is. It shows dishonesty, unreliability and etc. etc. But who? Go to parliament and ask how much each member earn and how many self served bills are yet to pass.

The tax payers and the hardworking people work their guts out all day, framing the economy into standards. Now there it is, Mr. Lucky member got elected under the banner of our national motto and come to parliament passing bills that extract last coins from the pocket of the tax payer and filling his own pocket. What a shame that is!!!!

Good and educated people of Solomon Islands just remember one thing. Some 80% of our populations are illiterate, those are the ones targeted. Students you now see the fruit of your members and if you become a leader one day, just remember that despite the many pockets you fill the eyes of the Lord is everywhere. I wonder whether our parliamentarians ever feel the guilt of someone watching them doing a wrong thing?

To lead is not to fill your pockets, to lead is to serve.

Please put your voices on this issue and let's take back the pride of being a Solomon Islander.

Phil from Finland