Dear Editor
I couldn't believe it when i saw the above subject making a headline on Solomon star dated 30/07/09 and I quote"DEFEATED MPs at next year's election will receive tax-free payments totaling $550,000 each, according to amendments approved by the Parliamentary Entitlements Commission (PEC). These payments are made up of Terminal grants ($100, 000 each, up from $50, 000), $50,000 in terminal grants for each spouse and an ex-gratia payment of $100,000 a year for each MP for the four-year term, up from $25,000 a year"

Why on earth defeated MPs have to receive such a huge sum of money when their term is over and may we call on the PEC to justify their decision. Just imagine if half of the current MPs lost their seat in next years general election they will receive about $13.5 million plus in total (correct me if am wrong) and where are we going to get this money from when our economy is in a deteriorating state and surviving on foreign aids to keep all services running. Did these people (Govt & PEC) really consider the financial crisis that were are currently experiencing before making such decisions. I just couldn't understand how PEC is operating and if they truly an independent body or are they being remote control by our politicians to serve their own interests. Look no further our USP SIG sponsored students in Fiji are currently suffering from the devaluation of FJD which sees soaring prices of accommodation and food and were pleading with the govt to increase their allowances but their request fall on deaf ears and yet (Govt and PEC) they are going ahead to approve these $550,000. Please govt listen to the plea of our students and do something about it and stop serving yourself with fat salaries and entitlements or why not sacrifice some of those MPs entitlements to increase our student's allowances because after all they will be our country's future leaders. May God help us to think properly.