Dear Editor

Please allow me a space to voice this concern of mine about the $550,000 - $1,200,000 Defeated MPs compensation scheme or I would put it Ministers Self - Rich Scheme.

Solomon Islands is going down the drain as we can see the current government is passing laws after laws only for the benefit of few individuals. This new $550,000 - $1,200,000 compensation is nothing more than just position money. This CNUR make the parliament seat as an easy picking to get richer rather than focus on developing this ruin - down country.

I know these ministers who have been there for quite a number term has come with corrupted this idea. All because they are greed for more money. They see themselves as leaders who should get more wealth other than the $96000 salary payment. Clearly we can see that some or all these ministers are competently average or rather below average. Since taking power we have not seen any good they have done but rather device plans to make themselves and their spouses RICH.

Now everyone can see that the only place for quick money is Ministerial position. Weather we fight amongst ourselves or create an unstabalize environment is all just for a $550,000 to $1,200,000. That's one simple explanation for this new scheme. Greed, Power and Easy Money making. Solomon Islanders should now wake up and see what this current government is doing......I am just wondering

. Where is the Big Mouth People's Power...
. Where is the Big Mouth Woman's Council...
. Where is Big Mouth Transparency...

One simple explanation is that they might have been bribed not to speak out. That is why they are so silent. "If you can't keep them to shut them to shut up"

What the CNUR has achieved so far:

. The Laptop Funds Scandal
. The Missing Cattle Funds Scandal
. Rejection of the Double Tax bill on logging companies.
. Rejection for an increase in USP student allowance.
. Rather payment to spouses for their advices.
. Creation of Self Rich $550,000 - $1,200,000 defeated minister payment.

New and returning students should consider this seriously, that we need leaders for the people and not leaders for ourselves. It's our country and we don't want it to be ruin by some greedy politicians backed up by some outside influence.