Dear editor,

Very interesting to note that while USP students are crying for increase of their students allowances, and most Solomon Islanders are struggling to make ends meet, our very own so called national leaders are trying all they can while in power to benefit themselves, drain the public purse before they leave the honorable house. It is evident from what they are doing that these are their true colours, in fact people's interest were the least in their agenda, their main intention was to go into the honorable house and make themselves millionaires overnight as if they were to remain as we are, they will be struggling to death. What a surprise. Ladies and gentlemen, the precedent is set, come 2010 general election, all elite Solomon Islanders would have to contest for the 50 or 70 posts vacant as mi laek go long ples wea misis bae take $50,000.00 cash bonus for feedim my supporters tu ia.
Now it's common knowledge that if you want to be a millionaire after 4 years enter Solomons politics, easy way to become a billionaire on tax payers expenses. Social justice is a matter of life and death.

Long live people of Solomon Islands