Dear Editor

It is important that the issue of the controversial parliamentary enttlement be highlighted in the Media again to avoid loosing the momentum.

From a piece written by Sasako, it has been revealed that at the end of the next elections will receive $550,000. For a small weak economy like Solomon Islands, this will be devasting. In previous houses, traditionally more that 50% of MPs do no retain their seats. Let's say only 30% retain their seat, this means the members entitlement will cost the taxpayers of Solomon Islands a cool $19,250,00.

Does Solomon Islands has the money to foot this amount. I do not think so. What this means is that Solomon Islands will have to forgoe some of the social services and projects that are aimed at assisting the people in favour of this ill-concieved remunration.

I am appealing to the pressure groups in Solomon Islands to rise up to the occasion to ensure that these new MP's entitlements. I also appeal to all educated Solomon Islanders to educate their people about the wrongs and ill conceived decisions made in the current house for the purposes of ensuring that the people's ballot paper do the talking come the next elections.