Dear Editor, allow me space to comment on the above mater. I must say that people like Linda have the right to speak their concern over the matter because she is a tax payer. But she should also consider the fact that those who voice out their concern like Danny are struggling.

The situation here is the devaluation of the fijian currency, which means that prices for goods and services here in Fiji will go up. And in reality the prices gone up now here in Fiji. And all Solomon Islands students including those of us sponsored by Ausaid or NZaid, 'mefala but feelim too yah.' But luckily our sponsors have noticed and so they have increased our fortnightly stipend.

And its the other way around for the SIG sponsored students, prices have gone up but the SIG wants to cut their salaries per semester. That is a blow to the faces of the future Leaders of the country.

Also people like Linda should never compare her time here to what it is now. Its a totally different time altogether. Things have changed here now compared to your time.

USP Student