I have been following this issue since it was dominating this column. Interesting indeed to note that our students at Laucala Campus trying to explain their situation while certain individuals accusing them.

Solomon Islanders who are living or studying abroad in places like Aussie or New Zealand tend to be Mr. Me by overlooking the status of our brothers and sisters as student who are studying in our regional institutions in the Pacific. They don't know that all of you guys are student which is a common understanding that almost all of you are under the same sponsor (SIG) and from Solomon Islands.

Student studying at USP Laucala Campus are just human beings like you guys ae. When you are accusing them of the things that they cannot afford, you'll expect them to respond. When you reply them, you divert the fact from the subject of discussion by attacking them personally. My God! What kind of people are we?

I have a first cousin studying at USP Laucala. On his return, I hardly seen him bring the things Linda Miley has mentioned. Only his luggage and a second hand laptop. Thats all.

Once in your life was a student like them. Good on you Danny from USP Laucala. When people like to poke their nose in your SI students' affairs at USP and try to be smart and MR ME, that's the way you students there should respond to them. They deserve it.

They must be jealous with the stuff which some of you guys usually brings during your holidays. There's no need for them to concern about.

Don't worry USP Laucala SI students, leaders come and go, your turn will come to be there. Linda Miley will not there forever. There comes a time when someone will replace her. You are there for the good of our nation and you are our future leaders.

Wish you ALL the best in your studies.