Mia, I didn't comment on the issue of MP Wives entitlement simply because I would like to focus my comments on the issue of contention here, which is the issue of tertiary student allowances.

I couldn't agree more with you Mia. Certainly, the SIG should take every necessary measure to cut any unjustified Government expenses, including the dubious allowances and other entitlements they allocated to MPs and their wives, which they tried to legitimise through the PEC.

I am of the opinion that the Government should try and live within the country's means by cutting costs beginning with their own salaries and other entitlements, and by reducing free handouts to our people. This includes the awarding of free Scholarships to all tertiary students. Instead, the SIG should seriously consider lending money to our people that they would use to make a living, using their own resources, through their own hard work.