On their part, those SI students concerned must take heed of the many advices rendered by few in this forum. On the other side of the lake, the govt must also listen to the cries of their human resources struggling to cope with the hardship in Suva. Many of the suggestions and cries noted in this forum are valuable for all parties to take heed of. Spend your money wisely only on necessary items while, the govt must also consider their pleas for an increase in their meager allowances compared to the luxury wealth our MPs have yielded over the years. In fact there is nothing our current MPs should take credit for most of the initial ideas and hard work comes from either the PS/US or both junior and senior public servants. This is well reflected in parliament as many of our MPs do not even understand a single bit of the bills they are debating. These current SI students studying in Fiji will make up the bulk of our future workforce no doubt about it. So please help them! Their plea is a very genuine one.