Thanks anyway for explanation. The way I see it is not as you mention. We are making generalization in our arguments. We seem to point the finger at all students at USP. But to tell you the truth, some USP SIG students never go clubbing, buy those stuff others have mentioned as your good brother did. It's up to the advice we as parents, elders or guardians to tell our children. Simple as this: Son or daughter or brother or sister, I am very happy to hear you awarded that Scholarship. However, I will be very sad to hear you TERMINATED. Our Responsibility. Here I assume you fail miserably to advice your brother.

Students at USP feel the impact of what is happening in Fiji. You are enjoying your time in Australia or wherever you are staying. The USP SIG student did not call for the adjustment prior to the devaluation of the Fiji currency. It is after the devaluation that their call was made, and it was made to the Government and not Melanie. It is up to the Government to make its decision. We can say whatever we want, rebuke, support or what, but the Government has the final say.

To say the least, Melanie, we are trying to shout at a hungry child. We give that child $2 per day for a cake during break time at secondary. The women selling cakes increase the price to $2.50. What for you as a responsible mother tell that poor child if he/she asks for extra $0.50?
To tell him/her: Manage your $2.00 properly or Spend within your mean.
From this discussion I can see that those are your solutions.
Consideration needs to be taken prior to making such calls my friend.