Thanks Dan,

When you throw dirt, calling my contribution laughable and shallow, then be prepared to get some dirt thrown back. I am sorry for calling you an average bloke. I am happy that you are succeeding in life and I can only wish the best for you in years to come.

If students are honest with themselves, they will agree with what I have been saying. I was once a student surviving on much less than what you students in Fiji get but I managed because I made ALOT of sacrifices. My friends had better clothes, better gadgets and were generally much more comfortable then I was. For a young lady, it was hard not to envy what they had, but the fact was I could not afford it. For a developing country such as ours education is a privilege not a right or an entitlement, we should treat it as such.

I am now enjoying the fruits of my hard work. I am not here to brag, but just to say that there is a time for everything, as stated in the good book.

All the best in your studies,