Thank you editor for your space on this site.

Firstly I would like to support and thank Moza for your comment here.

The fact is people like lynda Miley don't feel what the USP SIG student feels here, they are suffering. due to this current devaluation of Fiji currency.

if VC said "sponsor you need to increase the student allowance" then this is not a joke.

I was very suprised to see so many SIG student ask kaon lo ota man lo India (rarai) lo hia, and today when the allowance arrive I saw that particular person come to collect his kaons, sign blo wot ya Milley??

SIG students in USP are suffering, why can we neglect the cry of our future leader, the human resource of our country.

I hope this allowance which they receive now will take them to the end of this semester.

To our beloved parent don't be surprised if you see your son or daughter arrive back home for the chrismas break to see that (s) he lose weight, this is because they eat noodle and bread noma ya.

I don;t see any reason why the government should cut the allowance, ma selen ya na olgeta bai givim for ota wife blo MPs ya. my goodness!