Thank you charlie for your comment especially to MA and CS students. i was wondering if you are taking CS or MA, if so you shouldn't have comment like that. Maybe for your own case that could be right but remember you cannot compare your level of knowledge with others, some students find it difficult to easily understand and grasp concepts. Im a second year student majoring in computing science (software engineering stream), and i tell you majority of the first year students doing especially CS find programming hard because its totally new. We don't learn that in primary or high school. Common sense!..Please if you are a graduate student in MA or CS, maybe its a pretty good idea to stop commenting like that and try help this poor students with your skills, teach them CS concepts on Data structures and algorithms and for us year two, Software life cycle models and OOP techniques. That would be great rather than saying "No such thing as tough course".

I thank you for your short sighted controversy, i think what Matty saying is right and i believe all CS and MA students will agree with me.

Please think before you express your views in the print media.