Dear editor, thanks for a space to post my comment. I am a private sponsored Indo-Fijian studying at USP.

To my fellow friends from solomon islands whom we all fail CS204, thanks for the times we shared in our group discussions and hope to see you next semester.

To matt, I know you are not a CS student. But thanks for seeing CS through with us.

To Charley, mate i wonder whether you are studying Computing science or just Geography. Let me tell you something, I am an A+ student at my high school. But Uni is different. Its tougher in each level. I personally went to see my lecturer because i fail my computing science course. Let me tell you what he says mate, "more than HALF of the class fail the course" and that is to say about 3/4 of the class.

I sympathize with my fellow solomon friends, and as far as i know only one solomon student pass the course (correct me if am wrong).

Why did i say this, because its nonsense to say that laziness is the result of failure in CS courses to be specific. If its not tough, then why did the lecturer have to tell student's at the first day of lectures that the course is tough and more than half the class last semester/year failed? Something for you to think about.

I think its advisable to do a detail research of those courses to see the trend of how many student's pass those courses each semester before making conclusions.