Dear Editor
Please allow me a space to voice this concern of mine about our government.
Some Achievements of the current Solomon Island government

. The Cattle money scandal
. Miss use of laptop funds
. Payment grant to spouses
. Removal of the double taxation bill on logging companies
. Creating of the new integral bill so that corruption can be more easily achieved.

Our Prime minister and all its current ministers are all but a laughing stock. They only represent a weak bunch of individuals who mostly are controlled by some outside influence. Its seems to me these officials often reward their achievements by using the public money. They have now close in to introduce the free education system, while this is in process they are just about to reward themselves by paying $50,000 grant salary or whatever, to their hard working advisory spouses. Thanks a lot to all the tax payers' money. Why these former ministers of the Sogovare's government cross the floor is now very clear - to corrupt, fraud and misappropriate the public money to make themselves rich.something that was unlikely to happen in the sogavare's government. We truly have one of the best governments in the Solomon Islands history.

I think we need some people like Frank Bainimarama or Hugo Chavez of Venezuela who stand against outside influence or forces which are trying remove them.because they want to make some changes to benefit the people of their countries.

Let us give thanks to the non - government organisations (NGO) which by far has pushed up the feet of our governments while some foreign governments press down on its head living the poor government no where to look but to adhere to their policies and strategies. They are the biggest mouth piece before about the Sogavare/Moti issue, now they are silent as the lamb. Probably they are enjoying watching the crippling of the Solomon Island government hacking to its pit. Maybe they work hand in hand for their own benefits or else why do they have to be employed.

Solomon Islands need strong leader who will influence the people to work harder for their own benefits and the benefit of this nation. One Adelaide University Professor of Economics told me that Solomon Islands got everything in terms of natural resources compare to its population but one thing that usually appear here and there is that "lack of oneness and sometimes easily manipulate". I felt insulted but he got a point. We need a hell lot more effort to bring about anything good for our people.