Dear editor,

As a student graduating with a degree in maths and computing science, i
totally agree with what Matt Jay has been saying with regards to the policy of terminating students in the discipline of CS, Maths, Engineering, physics, Acounting and Economics.

I for one has taken five years to complete my program(BSC Maths & Computing science), its not because i'm not working hard but simply because the units
are tough, needs thinking and time. I felt sorry for these poor students who are enrolled in these disciplines and will be terminated by the responsible authority. from my point of view these students needs chance.

Im pleaing to the responsible authority and the government of solomon islands to look into this policies and formulated something more common sense, applicable and relevant for various discipline studied at USP.

Anyways, im a Fijian student and currently employed as a software engineer here at Fiji. I have so many solomon friends and some of them are victims to the current policy.

I felt so sorry for them especially for the ones who are following my same path, its not that easy as one might think because instructing a computer to do what are human being wants is not as easy as give this students chance and i believe they can make it no matter how long it takes.