i would like to thank matt jay for expressing his views on the issue and i support his view that courses such as MA, CS and the likes are quite tough. however, I feel that such an excuse to justify policy change to be lenient towards student undertaking such programs only proves the laziness on the students part. for a start, you do not normally enroll in these courses unless you pass a certain level or grades which I would imagine it to be a little above average.
one would not have been accepted to uni if (s)he has not achieved the requirements and granted a scholarship for that matter. maybe the policies are very tough or maybe i am ignorant of the point matty, but I think the only solution to avoiding termination is passing those prerequisites. university is not high school and I believe that there is no such thing as an easy course and a tough course if you are pursuing a field of interest.
one of the most relevant excuses that I would certainly agree with is the delay of allowance as a contributing factor towards poor performance. If such programs are tough, then these questions might help one reflect deeper. 1. why is it that some students still pass these courses successfully?, 2. what is the required gpa for students who wish to enroll in these so called tough courses?
I would tend to think that reviewing policies in favor of students undertaking such courses reflects the laziness and incompetency on the students' part.
I would like to take my hat off for students who have undertaken such courses and passed them successfully. For those poor students who have not been successful, you have my sympathy and advice "maybe try extra harder next time ya".
all the very best to all students in your studies this semester.