I have read through a few discussions on this hot topic and wish to register my personal view.

The Issues at hand are the inflation in Fiji, and a call to increase the students' allowance.

I will give an illustration in support of the call of the USP Vice Chancellor and SIG students in Fiji.

Firstly, SIG students allowances are given in bulk at the beginning of each semester (Correct me if this has been changed 2008-2009). Each student is responsible for managing his or her allowance. Whatever he/she pays must always taken into account that he or she is living in Fiji. I salute SIG sponsored students for managing their funds till the next semester.

Comes the Inflation. Always remember, allowance is constant, in economic terms, Income is constant and prices hikes.

For instance if you usually allocate $20 per week.Inflation drives you to adjust your weekly spending. But the question is, how could I do this when my income is constant?

May be a packet of noodle per day, or just bath without a bath soap.
Meaning we are calling our students to living below poverty line.

Others have stated other measures students should be taking, but the fact remains that students are suffering. Even if we want them to spend within their means, they are already crying, please give us extra. That is their cry. Please mami am hungry.

So who are we to sit on our chairs and assume they are ok there, when we already heard the VC's call and the devaluation in Fiji by some 20%. Olketa na filim..not umi. can we think of our future leaders and leave this for the Government to decide rather than barking at them from our comfortable chairs at home.