Dear editor,

I would like to respond to the uninvited free advice given by the self proclaimed advisor Linda Miley from Honiara, by shouting with the top of her lovely, admirable, attractive and nice voice in this paper regarding the above issue.

Linda's letter makes us caught and drew the attention of other USP students sat close and next to us in ITS 10. Why? Because her unfounded advice brings us (Solomon Islands colleagues) to laughter and giggling.

Firstly, Linda advices us USP students to downgrade our mobile phones, by getting the simple cheap stuff. Realistically speaking, most of us Solomon Islands USP Laucala students are using only the $15, $11 and $9 Digicel mobile phones. Your piece of advice on this issue is inappropriate, uncalled for and unjustified.

Secondly, she recommends us to downgrade our fashion, and to get the simple cheap stuff at value city. In responding to this, there's a common saying that goes, "When in British, do as the British," "when in Italy, do as the Italians". And so in the case of Fiji, we have to do as the Fijians and other USP students.

For your information, it has been demonstrated that Solomon Islands students are far behind with regards to dress code. To adjust to the USP environment, we have to dress like Fijians and the rest of the other Pacific Islands students. This is not Solomon Islands for us to use our common and simple style of dressing. Thus, we are not fashioning, we are trying to adjust accordingly.

Thirdly, she urged us student to cut off our expenditure on expensive electrical items like stereos, TV, iPod, DVD players and etc. To clarify on this point, you are 200% generalizing here wantok. Not all of us Solomon Islands USP students, only a handful of students will purchase these items you have making a lot of noise about in the media about.

This piece of generalization best exemplifies your advice; cats catch mice. In real situation, many cats do, and many others might try. It is not true for ALL cats but it is true for some of them.

The only thing that most of us purchased was a desk top PC or a laptop. This was for us to do our assignments on time. No one can deny the fact that there are many computers to use here at USP. However, if one is lucky enough, he/she can get access to one to do his/her work on time. If one likes to get access to one, he/she must go early in the morning or wait till late night.

Incase you might still confuse wantok, some USP member countries are considering the VC's advice with regards to the 20% devaluation of the Fijian dollar except SIG. Get it right Linda, that our current government is the worst government in the political history of Solomon Islands. They put their interest first instead of the people whom they mean to represent. If they happen to back in power next year, I'm afraid that they will continue to introduce other entitlements that will benefit their own families. This year was their wives, next year will their children's and their (silent wives) O2's entitlements. Less lo Sogavare led government moa!

Worst still, let me shed to light the proposed policy of the government regarding awarding of future scholarships. During our student briefing at Honiara High School before our departure, officers from NTU highlighted critical issues. One of the outstanding issues was the new policy on scholarship award. Currently, they are working on it. The scheme was: if a student was offered a scholarship by SIG, the costs have to be met by both the recipient and the sponsor (SIG), not like this time where everything from tuition to accommodation was met by the sponsor.

This policy will not put into practice now, but it the years to come. Who knows, they might introduce it next year or 2011. According to NTU staff, they assured us that this has to be done to implement cutting cost measures. Thus, this must be the advent of the new policy. Ae, mi tok wrong lo hia.

To conclude, Dr. Manu'ari's letter from Wellington NZ sums it all Linda. Read and digest his letter rather than generalizing in the media with your unfounded, pointless, worthless, laughable, and short sighted advice. Oh! What a piece of useless advice. Go to hell with your useless advice!