If our parliamentarian achievements are a measure of our economic dire situation then, I would say that SI is not even experiencing a pinch of the current global economic melt down. Many developed nations have seen a mushrooming of bankruptcy in major companies which lead to increased unemployment plus many more economical stresses in this very difficult times. Their so called leaders have introduced stringent measures to lessen the adverse impact of their dwindling economic output while, our SI leaders have seen it fit to introduce strings of extravaganza allowances to satisfy themselves. Therefore I do not see it as unreasonable to increase the allowances of our fellow SI students studying in Fiji and other regional universities under SIG sponsors. If our parliamentarians can serve themselves with fat cash, why not increase the SIG sponsored students allowances? After all their cries is just a meager portion of what you guys in parliament receives year in and year out. Invest in something you know will pay dividends later.