Allow just little space to express some ideas that will help everyone understand where they stand. The bursting issues is not wrong either but what our Govt should know from the very start is our scholars are sent because of the country need as its own resources. People never live young but life is like a food web. To victimize your resources where will our beloved nation get its resources for long run of the country?

If you said its so difficult to overcome the 20% devaluation then why not advising our scholars to get back and look for other alternatives rather than victimize them in the foreign land?

To be victimize in other foreign lands, gives a bad image to the country and will become a shameful thing to the innocents.

With those brief ideas, what is the other step to take?

Note that this is serious. If it does not work then, we totally against or defile our country motto which state"To Lead Is To Serve"

God Bless Solomon Islands