Dear Editor,

I would like to contribute briefly to the above.

I would like to offer some free advice to students that are affected by the current inflation hike in Fiji.

First, downgrade your mobile phones, get the simple cheap stuff.

Second, downgrade your fashion, get the simple cheap stuff at value city, they even have label clothes there.

Third, slow down with your social outings, if one goes to Dragons nightclub they'll think they are in the Solomon's.

Fourth, cut off expenditure on expensive electrical items such as stereos, TV, iPod, DVD players and so forth.

I guess all in all, the important principal one should abide by is "when one is a student, one should live like a student."

Just go to the airport when these students return, they have more blings and gadgets than anyone on the plane. Just go watch when the containers come in...I think my point is made.