Dear Editor, I as a student want to express my point on behalf of us students affected by this allowance decrease. if the allowance was given to students purposely for food, shopping and alcohol as stated by "THE PATRIOT" in his point of view, then we can definitely re-adjust our spending so it can last the whole semester. that is minimize eating in the restaurants, shopping and no more alcohol. But what about our rents and the cost of the course materials? Can we re-adjust these two? these two is the reason why our allowance should not be reduced. Our Landlords do not decrease the rent due to the 20% devaluation, neither is the cost of course materials. In fact our rents remain the same, but the course materials has increased significantly this semester totaling up to FJ$400 upwards (only 3 courses). also the price of food and household necessities here has also increased. Hence this is the reason why our allowances should not be decreased but rather increase due to the 20% devaluation.