Very funny indeed to see the men we called our leaders who suppose to be the leading examples of upholding our motto "To lead is to serve" practically, right before our very own eyes, trying to put some more money on top of what they already have into their greedy pockets.

While the teachers are desperately crying to the Government to at least have some sympathy and look into their plight, our Government step on their face by proposing the Spouse Grant - another SI$2.6million per annum on top of what the MPs already have in their pockets.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember during the reign of Late Bartholomew U'lufa'alu, he proposed a reduction of salary for all MPs in a pursuit to revive our nation back to its feet in terms of debt. Our nation, as it is still today, was slashed by accumulative debts and his intention was truly from a man I would call -THE TRUE LEADER - from this aspect. Sadly and not surprisingly, not even a single MP stood by him on this agenda.

I wonder if I could ever live to see another proposal like that be put on the table in my lifetime. If it doesn't, I pray that God will not curse for his very own words..."The love of money is the root of all evil."