Last night we the SISA at USP, Laucala campus had an interesting meeting and among the agendas is student's supposingly to fail 2 or more of their courses enrolled for last semester to be terminted. I'm really concerned because the ongoing debate last night about these groups of students is in fact resulting in our allowances being delayed. For those students failing 2 or more of their courses last semester I think we all heard it really loud and clear during our departure brief meeting at Honiara High School's Hall that students with such performance by the end of the semester will have their scholarship being terminated from them.

I'm surprised that some students even have the guts to whispher or murmur the idea of students with such academic performance to have their scholarships be suspended by SIG. I think it is really unfair for us students who perform so well last semester even if we took four courses last semester. The other thing is we all have no reasons to say that "We fail our courses because there's no course materials on time". We all know really well that at the begining of the semester we recieve our allowances at the starting of the semester unlike last year and the other years.

From my point of view, it will be really unfair if these group of students on scholarships who are supposed to be terminated are suspended by the SIG. The reason is we all came to school to study, meaning attending lectures & tutorials and handing assignments plus others and not to fool around. I just want to ask the NTU people to act quickly based on the ministry's policy that we've heard at the begining of the year. This is in order that we recieve our allowances as soon as possible and then we can pay for our course materials as lectures are already started and assignments are coming up.

With that tagio tumas..May God bless us all.