Editor, again I appreciate a space for my observation and reflections on all the heated discussions regarding the Parliamentary Entitlements (PE) under the Parliamentary Entitlements Committee (PEC).

It was rather absurd to note that the PM was isolating himself and denying any knowledge of the undertakings of the PEC while this body was operating from under his Office's roof. One can only deduce to conclude that PEC is truly independent of the government. However, with further analysis of all the privileges created by PEC as PE which directly benefits all MPs (an now starting to include their spouses even if remarried) it is difficult to swallow the pretext of lack of knowledge of PEC initiatives by the PM.

It became very clear that want suppose to be Parliamentary Entitlements for MPs while serving our nation became means to make ends meet for the MPs when they become ordinary citizens again. It is more distressing to note that such entitlements are now being extended parliamentary terms at taxpayers expenses. A handful of citizens are creating a means to make ends meet for them in life after parliament - truly 'to lead is to serve'. Why could this be true? Cos Even the opposition bench is not making any noise of disagreement

Another valid observation it may seem, is that PE has become the means of binding MPs together to support the current regime. Securing more support and maintaining it means more PE. If this is required to maintain political stability then don't waste time debating the Political Integrity Bill.

It would be interesting to see which (if any) political party in the upcoming elections would demonstrate a clear stance to demur or purge the PE concept in their policies. This will truly reflect 'to lead is to serve' principle of nation.